(the patent)

We are looking for partners, who can bring the solution(s) to market based on unlimited, non exclusive, non transferable rights to use of our patents and blueprints. And we will never compete with our partners.

We have a limited intention of manufacturing and distributing the JOGLR solutions ourselves. We believe, that others in the market have a much better position to do just that. We are, however, market experts and engineers, who have developed a unique solution, which adds mobility and supports sustainable thinking, and we are here to support our partners.

The JOGLR concept is a solution, which takes care of most of the disadvantages current bicycle solutions deliver:

- Unsafe transport of valuables typically carried in open bike baskets
- Poor balance when cornering on streets
- Curly clothes from carrying a bag on the back
- Insufficient payload capacity

Our contribution is advisory, support and to make bicycles JOGLR-ready internationally.